Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Our build season has come to a close. We even bagged up our robot early this year! It's a new record for us at 11:30 pm!!! And everything on it was working when we put it in too! Well... there was a Trent in the bag at first, but he managed to get out eventually. *OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE NEXT TUESDAY (the 26th), SEE YOU IN A WEEK!*

Last Day Countdown

Tonight we have to finish working on our robot completely. Our six week deadline is coming to a close tonight at 11:59 pm. We have to have our robot in it's bag before 12am Wednesday for sure! It has to be in the bag, and sealed with special red zip ties put on by our mentors. The ties have numbers on them so that when a mentor signs a paper they can write which numbered tag they put on.

Right now in the machine shop Tim is cutting key ways in gears. While Trent is supervising team members putting thinner bands on our pick up rollers. In the computer lab I have been blogging (obviously...) and trying to get logo stickers ready to put on our robot, in between working on the robot's bumpers.

We did get our robot to climb some tonight too! It is also driving and moving really well. Now we just have to perfect the pick up a tiny bit and practice shooting a couple more times before we bag it up for the end of our build season.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What We Did Today


In other news that is much more important.... today was a really good day for the team. We got the robot over to the gym and so far I think we have a few of the kinks worked out program wise... We did manage to get in a little drive practice too! We are soooo close to getting everything to work, which is a very good thing considering our "ship date" or "bag and tag night" is tomorrow! Now it's just putting the finishing touches on the robot and doing some drive and shooting practice before we put it in a bag for the next month until our regional competition in April.

Jessica B.

Monday Announcement!!!

Today we have to have our robot working! That way on Tuesday night before midnight we can out our robot in it's bag and seal it. We will be working from 6-9 tonight then tomorrow we will start at 6 then work until we have to stop at 11:59pm.