Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, Robotics Style!

Today was the day for re-doing parts of this blog. If you care to look to the left of this post, you will find some "quick links" that will take you to more of our media pages so you can get updates from A)Twitter B)Facebook C)Google+ or D) right from this blog to your e-mail (if you subscribe). I've also added a video real that will show you some of our teams animations and what we are up to in our weekly videos posted to our YouTube channel.

In other events, in the computer lab there has been a lot of work done on our programming computers. Then more work on CAD and other design programs.

In the machine shop quite a bit of progress has been made on the chassis. It's coming together nicely! I think we are really close to having an awesome prototype! The lift system is also looking rather spiffy... for ply-board and yellow bands any way!

Yep... That's it for today...
Jessica B.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Thursday Again

Today Jeremiah worked on brackets for the lift system. Asher informed me that he was working on stuff... Work stuff.
Matthew S. was updating CAD models and the Andrews were getting the parts together for the robot. Ryan was mounting the tower box. Mike was delegating work to everyone here today. 
Hannah and Moriah milled metal so a belt can go through it, and Ashley sadly had to take pictures today with her ipod because her camera was being stupid and Anna's camera was with her at home o.o

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Work and Play Day

Tonight was actually more of a work day, several things were worked on and improved tonight. There has been quite a lot done for our chassis. There are wheels and motors on it now! Tim and Tyler were working on the frisbee shooter to make sure that our wheels don't wobble so much to improve our accuracy. The pick up prototype is also starting to take on more of a shape now. The CAD drawings are also looking much better as we are putting the finishing touches on our virtual robot. While making sure we have all the printed parts we need made, or at lest drawn so far. That's really about it, we are just pressing on and taking one step at a time. "You can never have to many prototypes!" - 2012 season

Jessica B.

Following Photos by Ashley and Anna ~

Matthew S working on CAD

Gary filing a 3D part. *Random note, our workshop and our tools are all turning green!*

Jeremy and Zach working on green gears

Moriah and Hunter

Moriah, Asher, Hannah and Jordan working on the lift mechanism

Jordan, Jeremiah, and Ryan

John and Matthew P.

Tyler working on a piece for the shooter

Our chassis is starting to look so much better!!! *See all those green parts!?*

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Little Robot That Could

A short story for today because nothing else really got done...
Mike did print more parts, Trent worked on some CAD drawings, then Jeremiah and Asher helped Gary in the machine shop. Of course we (the Media Team Pirates) Anna, Ashley, Wil and I are bringing you this story tonight.

There once was a little robot who lived in robot land.
His name was Rob, and all the other robots made fun of him because he was so small.
All he ever wanted to do was make bricks.
Regular bricks were not good enough for Rob, he wanted to make rainbow bricks!!!
Rob decided one day that he would make a rainbow brick, even if the other robots said he was to small.
So he drank some rainbow oil (because he's a robot and doesn't drink milk).
After he drank the oil he grew bigger, then he tried to make a rainbow brick.
When he tried to make the brick, he ended up making a cake instead!
Rob looked at the rainbow cake and said "what? I wanted to make a rainbow brick!"
Just then the programmer robot came in and and said "when I programmed you, I programmed you to make cakes, not bricks."
Rob looked down and said "but I really wanted to make bricks, not cake. Bricks are much better because I can't eat the cake!"
The programmer said  "but Rob, you can't eat bricks either..."
Rob realized he was silly for thinking this, then he asked "why couldn't I have been programmed to make bricks instead of cake?"
The programming robot looked at him and said "we have hundreds of robots that make bricks, even the rainbow ones, but we didn't have any robots that could make cakes!"
Then Rob realized he was special, because he was the only robot that could make cakes.

I hope you have enjoyed this short story! Hopefully we will have more team members here tomorrow so that we can make more progress on our robot. Then I will have more to blog about. :)

Jessica B.