Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back to Work!

We didn't have a meeting on Friday, so that we can all have a day off, now since it is Saturday we are going back to work!

Today was a very long yet productive day. We didn't have very many team members until later in the day but we still got a lot done.

We split up into groups and worked on various tasks. Some worked on the pick up system, others worked on CAD drawings for the bot, and another group started on the prototype chassis. Progress was also made on parts for the shooter, we also spent a lot of time taking apart old robots to use for parts and to create a prototype (aka second bot) to use for practice.

~Jessica B

Matthew working on CAD

Jessica B. and Mini Jessica V. N.

Jeremiah and Jordan


Andrew/Andrew and Minion 1 (aka Madeline)

John, Jeremiah, and Jordan working on how to lift the frisbee

Hannah, and Moriah working on a part for the shooter

Banshee is being scraped :(

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The 10th of January...

Today we worked on brackets for the pick up system, the shooter, fighting with destiny, and making rainbow names :3

The shooter is a two wheel system, the frisbee will be in contact with one and then the other.
Our pickup system has something to do with black magic because I do not understand how it works o.o

The fight with destiny was long and intense, no one was sure who would win and sadly no pictures were taken due to it being to epically awesome for your eyes.

Then the rainbow names are rainbowy in there weird rainboweness way,
also the pizza hut regulations were broke due to a non-employee wearing one of their hats on backwards. :D

So mistakes were made and stuff in this parallel universe was corrected. so we will battle on... BATTLE ON MY WARRIORS!

-Ashley and Anna
Documenters of the war >.<

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Here we go again!

Tonight we had a short meeting to talk about what work needs to be done tonight. In said meeting we determined that A) We are going to aim for picking up the frisbees and dumping them B) Climbing some how... and C) Actually throwing the frisbees too.

Today a couple of people worked with Bryan on a system to pick up a frisbee. Then another group started on the chassis, and yet another group made some progress on the firing system. Oh, and of course you are reading the blog from today, so that was done by me. Then these lovely photos are brought to you by Ashley and Anna.

Hannah, and Moriah working on 3D printed parts

Hunter, Matthew and Bryan working on a frisbee pick up system

Mike and Gary looking over our 3D printer

Gary looking up drawings for the playing field

Our programmers!!!

~Jessica B.

Monday, January 7, 2013

First Build Day

First day of our build season after kick off! Week one...

We are dividing into smaller teams to start working on our bot. We have been talking a lot about different strategies for this years game, it's going to be an interesting task to find one that will work for us. FIRST definitely gave all of us a challenge, we are ready to take it on though!!!

Today we started working on the feeding slot system so that we have a part of the field to practice with. We are also trying to prototype a system that will pick up the frisbees from the ground. The two hardest things to design and get going so far are the pick up mechanism, then how to climb the tower.

Jessica Bennett

(Photos by Ashley and Anna)