Saturday, January 19, 2013

Full day Saturday

Today is another full work day for us Gears. There is still a lot of work for us to do to get our full prototype up and running. We are getting closer every day though! We didn't have many team members come until later in the day, none the less, things still got worked on.

Today there was a lot of progress made on the lift system by Jeremiah and Jordan. Then John and Christian worked some on the frisbee launcher. Gary worked for the most part on the pyramid for our mock playing field.

In the computer lab we were getting a little crazy to keep us motivated to work on blogging/photos/videos/programs....

We had the Pirate Ashley on video/picture patrol. The Cheshire Cat's half sister "Myrtle" aka Madeline working on programming. Then the Mad hatters cousin (Me :) ) working on this blog and thank you letters, with the help of my mini me minion the White Rabbits daughter (the other Jessica.)

~Jessica B.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today is Thursday... last time I checked anyway...

Mountain Dew is good, and that is why we eat it here at 1720 (DRINK!!!! REALLY?!?!?! you can't EAT mountain Dew without extreme caution!!!!!!!!!) *A note from a team members younger sibling, to make your day more enjoyable.*

In other news... today there were about 8 team members here working on various projects. Andrew R. was working on getting the CRIO ready to re-program. Zach has been filing bushings that will go on our weals. Fun fact about those parts, they were actually made with a 3D printer!!! Asher was also working with some printed parts, only those pieces are serving as support for our chassis.

Ryan and Trent were working on our frisbee pick up system prototype. Michael and Matthew P. were hard at work filing away and de-burring pieces for the frisbee launcher. Jeremiah was working with Mike on a piece with the lathe. Then of course, I am here blogging away while my fellow media pirates Anna and Ashley are busy taking all of the multicolorfull photos you shall see after this post. :)

Other than that well... we are still here and pressing toward the goal of having a working prototype and a full robot ready for competition by February 18th!!! 5 more weeks to go!!!!

Jessica B. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back at it again

Tonight there was a lot of work being done on our mock playing field, and the chassis and shooter too... Another good evening of work, to be continued tomorrow of course. Jessica B.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Again :)

Tonight we didn't have many team members here to help but again, we somehow managed to get quite a few things done, or at least worked on! We have a few pictures from tonight, and even some cool video footage that may end up on our YouTube channel at some point. Anna and Ashley are both hard at work taking more pictures for a photo slide show and for a display of sorts.

In the mechanical room there has been a lot of progress made on the shooter and on our pick up system. The test chassis has also gone through some more changes as we are trying to find the perfect size to be able to fit all of our mechanisms in to a 112-inch perimeter.

Nathan and Michael



Jeremiah and Asher


Mike, Jeremiah, Asher, and Trent
~Jessica B. and the invisible media team of Ashley and Anna :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday the 13th

Today, stuff happened, not a lot, but stuff happened. Not because we did not try, but like no one showed up. But stuff happened anyway. So stuff... corner stuff, and tower stuff. Yes the tower, the robot may or may not be climbing stuff. Oh and shooter stuff too. Stuff like the mounting plate, to put the wheels on. Yep that is all the stuff that happened. More stuff will happen tomorrow.