Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today was the open house, and there were many refreshments. Ashley set up the computers in the computer room so that each computer showed a different website displaying our team. Many prospective members came, showing interest in many areas of the team, including programming and driving. A few people even signed up to be team members.

We had some problems resetting Marvin's WiFi, but we got the issues sorted out after a bit. Marvin's wheel speed was adjusted, and we did some more shooting practice with Marvin, who had no major issues. Some of the team members worked with CAD to make some parts for the mechanical room.

Today went smoothly, and we are happy with the results of the our open house.We hope all who came were happy as well. And that those who couldn't make it will come and see us next year!

Madeline Van Ness

Monday, November 12, 2012

We Are Having an Open House!!!

Muncie/Delaware FIRST Robotics
Team #1720, The PhyXTGears
P.O. Box 218
Muncie, IN  47305

Contact: PhyXTGears                  
Google Voice Mail: 765.203.1720
Email: phyxtgears@gmail.com
Web: www.muncierobotics.org

FIRST Team 1720, The PhyXTGears Open House
Delaware County’s only robotics team. Come see what we are all about! Meet Marvin the ball throwing robot and Muncie’s exclusive New Year’s Ball!

FIRST Robotics Team #1720 - PhyXTGears Open House

November 13, 2012
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Morrison Mock Professional center, at the back of the Meridian Health Services building, by the Life Touch Calling center. 3620 West White River Boulevard, Muncie, IN 47304

The PhyXTGears [fixed gears] FIRST Robotics Team 1720, is holding an OPEN HOUSE to introduce High School students and the general public to the world of science, engineering, computer programming and media presentation. Open to students in and around Delaware County.

Our yearly open house is a great opportunity for High School students to see what’s available to them when they join a FIRST Robotics Team. When you join a FIRST Robotics team, you become a part of a huge community of high school students who are focused on one goal: to improve the world through the exploration of science and technology.

There are many benefits to joining a FIRST Robotics team: You learn how to work with other people, teamwork and team building skills, electrical skills, programming, media (including blogging, photo journalism, public relations, public speaking, and fundraising) mechanical and engineering skills, how to use CAD design software and so much more!

Additional Information about the FIRST Robotics Team #1720 - PhyXTGears

Team 1720 is a FIRST Robotics Challenge Team. (www.usfirst.org) We are the only team in Delaware County but one of many teams all over the country! If you are a high school student in or around Delaware County and are interested in anything about robots, including how to build, program, design and operate them, you need to check out PhyXTGears. Our new season begins soon!

PhyXTGears does more than just build and compete in FIRST Robotics competitions. For example, did you know:

PhyXTGears designed and operates the New Year’s “Ball” that drops in Downtown Muncie every year?

PhyXTGears holds a yearly scrimmage, hosted at Ball State, where we meet other FIRST teams from all over the US?

PhyXTGears participates in the yearly Crossroads Regional FIRST Robotics competition, to compete for a chance to go to nationals?

PhyXTGears gives back to the community by participating in a variety of volunteer efforts, like cleaning up parts of the Cardinal Greenway every month?

That participating on a FIRST Robotics team makes you eligible for a variety of college scholarships?

There are almost limitless opportunities to learn all kinds of skills that may not have ever occurred to you to even try?

That participation on a FIRST Robotics team looks really good on a resume?

PhyXTGears team members are available for for radio and print interviews. Contact Benjamin Bennett for arrangements. 765.749.8442


For more information, please contact PhyXTGears Google Voice Mail at 765.203.1720, or e-mail phyxtgears@gmail.com.

*Team Member Notice*

A note from Tim that every current team member should be aware of:

Hi all,

With the lack of cleaning that went on last week in the mechanical room we have decided to meet at 5 pm on Tuesday. We really need to make sure we look impressive for the open house. The computer room looks great but we really dropped the ball in the mechanical room so everyone please show up and help us get things in shape on Tuesday.

Thanks Tim